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The Best Herbal Treatments for Anxiety

Rosemary plant
Effective herbal treatments for anxiety

If you've been curious about taking herbs for anxiety and felt overwhelmed with what formulation and what type of herb to choose, know that you are not alone. The market is full of all sorts of herbal teas, capsules, and foods with promises of improved wellbeing. And you're in good company - about 4% of Americans are seeking herbal remedies to improve their mental wellbeing.

We often recommend herbal options in conjunction with other treatment approaches and not just solely relying on herbs - just as in the same way we don't recommend relying solely on pharmaceutical medications. A multi-layered approach seems to work best. Along with other options such as nutrition, mind-body approaches, sleep hygiene, herbs are considered a natural remedy for anxiety.

Why does shopping for herbal options feel a little like the Wild West?

Fortunately, there are several herb treatments for anxiety that really seem to shine when it comes to helping people feel more calm and relaxed. We have thousands of years of ancient wisdom with many herbs but we have to remember that formulations now are different than in the past. Since the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA, it is important to take into consideration:

  • The brand of the herbal product and if the product/brand participates in third party (independent) testing

  • Formulation of the herbal product

It's important to know what formulation and doses are being used in scientific studies. There are lots of different compounds that make up a plant and much work has been done to determine what the active ingredient (the compound that provides the health benefit) is. Be wary of new products on the market that tout anxiolytic benefits.

What are the best herbal treatments for anxiety?

Our top picks, based on research, clinical experience, safety profile - and taking into consideration the sustainability of harvesting the herb: