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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy for Depression

Experience transformative small group ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) in a safe and supportive environment led by Dr. Erica Burger. Break free from depression as you embark on a profound healing journey. Our sessions foster breakthroughs, promote holistic well-being, and enhance self-discovery.

How will you benefit from KAP in a small group setting?

Shared Experiences:

Connect with peers who understand your struggles. 

Collective Wisdom:

Leverage the diverse perspectives and insights of the group, enriching your understanding and fostering personal growth.

Empathy and Support:

Draw strength from the group's empathy and support, thereby enhancing resilience and promoting recovery.

Positive Modeling:

Witnessing the breakthroughs of peers can instill hope and motivation in your own healing journey.

High Value Investment:

The program's cost is not only an investment in your mental health but also in lasting change and improved quality of life.

Invest in community-driven healing facilitated by compassionate,

supportive professionals with our Group KAP Program for $1799. 

Open to residents of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Each package includes 7 sessions:

1 intake session

2 preparation sessions

2 ketamine experiences

2 integration sessions

Begin your collective healing journey today.

Who Would Benefit from Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy?

Ketamine assisted therapy can provide profound benefits if you...

  • Desire relief from persistent, ruminative thought cycles

  • Are experiencing hopelessness or demoralization

  • Seek emotional and psychological healing with the guidance of trained professionals

  • Want to foster personal growth and resilience in a supportive group environment

  • Aim to improve your relationships through personal development

  • Haven’t had success with other therapies/treatments and are exploring alternatives

The Driftless Integrative Psychiatry Difference:
Personalized and Compassionate Care

At Driftless Integrative Psychiatry, we are committed to delivering personalized, exceptional care.


Our intimate groups are designed to accommodate a small group of up to four participants, ensuring each participant receives individualized attention and care.

We view ketamine as a tool for further psychological work, providing additional integration tools for a transformative experience.

Secure Your Place in This Tranformative Experience

With our Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy, you're investing in a path towards healing, growth, and resilience.


Ready to explore the transformative power of Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy?

Stay tuned for future opportunities

*Overnight stay at or within walking range of the clinic or pre-arranged transportation are required for ketamine journey sessions

To Register:

Step 1:

Review important details and dates for the sessions and make sure you can attend them all. 


Step 2:

Review the eligibility information below to see if you are a good fit for ketamine and our group setup.

Step 3:

Select the cohort for which you would like to apply. We will review your forms and be in touch with you via email to confirm your spot.


Enjoy Mississippi River vistas and Midwest small-town ease, located at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry, in downtown Lansing, Iowa

KAP Testimonial

"I had a profound experience doing ketamine assisted psychotherapy.  I felt safe, supported, and educated throughout the process.  KAP lifted a mental fog that had been clouding my life for years.  In the weeks following KAP, I had less rigid thinking, more clarity on my goals, and more engagement in my life both professionally and personally.  I emerged feeling physically and mentally lighter. "

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