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Ketamine Therapy Blueprint: Elevating Your Psychiatric Practice

Dr. Erica Burger, DO MPH
Integrative Psychiatrist and Ketamine Practitioner

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Ketamine Therapy in Psychiatry. Discover how this revolutionary course can transform your practice and expand your expertise in psychedelic therapy.

Why this Course?

There is no better time to learn about and offer psychedelic therapy.  This is the future of mental health. 

Learn the intricacies of ketamine therapy practice.

his course is meticulously crafted for psychiatrists and mental health professionals who seek to integrate ketamine therapy into their practice.

Dive deep into the latest research and clinical applications of ketamine in psychiatry, understand the ethical considerations, and explore the business aspects of running a successful psychedelic therapy practice.

This course will teach you everything you need to do about offering ketamine therapy - from dosing nuances to creating the ideal setting for your patients.


Course Modules

Module 1. Ketamine Foundations: Delve into the science of ketamine in psychiatry, its therapeutic mechanisms, and clinical evidence.


Module 2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Navigate the complexities of DEA requirements, state compliance, and ethical considerations.

Module 3. Clinical Nuances, including patient screening and how to manage risks and complications as well as dosing. Master the art of ketamine dosing for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Module 4.  Practice Management: Explore patient flow from initial screening to integration.

Module 5. Ethics in Ketamine Therapy: Address ethical considerations, including the use of touch in therapy.


Module 6. Preparation for Ketamine Therapy: Learn how to prepare patients and set up the therapeutic environment.


Module 7. First Medicine Session: Gain insights into conducting effective ketamine sessions.

Module 8. Integration: Learn strategies for post-session patient integration.


Module 9. Special Populations and Ketamine: Understand the unique considerations when treating pregnant patients, the elderly, and children/adolescents.

Free Bonus Module ($499 value) on everything you need to know about business basics.  Learn how to set up/add-on, market, and manage a successful ketamine therapy practice.

The course will include live bi-monthly group meetings with Dr. Burger that will be recorded, modules with video contents, and handouts, as well as the option to add-on an experiential ketamine session(s) that help with solidifying knowledge learned in the course through practice.   

Why Sign Up For This Course

For mental health professionals who want to stay at the forefront of treatment innovation, this course offers comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.


By integrating ketamine therapy into your practice, you can offer groundbreaking treatments to patients who need it most.


Enhance your skills, expand your practice, and join a network of forward-thinking professionals.

Set yourself apart from ketamine clinics that don't have a therapy or mental health foundation.


My name is Dr. Erica Burger

I'm a psychiatrist with a busy private practice in rural Iowa, where I offer an integrative and heart-centered approach to helping people improve their mental health.  I offer ketamine assisted therapy on an individual basis, in small groups, and retreats.  I also train psychiatrists, therapists, and other healthcare professionals through experiential ketamine sessions.  

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Ready to elevate your practice with ketamine therapy? Enroll now and be part of the pioneering wave of psychedelic therapy in mental health. Join us today and transform lives tomorrow.  Course launching soon.  Be the first to know.

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