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 Integrative Psychiatry Treatment Resistant Depression Program

Looking Beyond SSRIs

Learn more about our effective, holistic approach to resolving depression and treatment resistant depression.  

We focus on 3 main factors: immune system/inflammation, sleep/circadian rhythm, and re-patterning of stuck thoughts. 

Many patients have found benefit with our approach after trialing many medications and have been starting to give up hope.  They are able to feel better and thrive in their everyday lives.  

Our innovative and effective outpatient 6 week Treatment Resistant Depression Program (that doesn't have to include daily medication) includes the following:

  • Assessment for underlying causes of depression with labwork and careful history

  • 6 Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions

  • Nutritional psychiatry - We help guide dietary changes based on the latest research to improve your depression 

  • Sleep improvement strategies

  • Targeted supplements that support mitochondria function, decrease inflammation, and support mood

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy to repattern stuck thoughts

Contact us for more information about this offering at  

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