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Integrative ADHD Treatment

We understand that ADHD can contribute to feelings of underachievement, social difficulties, and a sense of not quite fitting in. But we believe ADHD is not something to be "cured" - it's a unique neurobiology with its own strengths and challenges.

Our role is not to change your fundamental nature but to help you flow with your ADHD brain wiring in an optimal way. Through comprehensive assessment and an individualized treatment plan, we aim to equip you with tools and strategies to thrive.

Our comprehensive evaluation process includes:

  • Detailed history and assessment

  • Nutrient deficiency screening (iron, zinc, vitamin levels)

  • Functional labs (gut health, food sensitivities, etc.)

Treatment Plans Tailored to You Based on your unique profile, we develop an individualized ADHD treatment plan that may include:

Nutrition & Supplements:

  • Therapeutic diets (elimination, anti-inflammatory)

  • Omega-3 fish oils

  • Zinc, iron, vitamin D, and other targeted nutrients

Medication Management:

  • Stimulants

  • Non-stimulant medications

  • Pharmacogenetic testing if indicated

By addressing underlying factors like nutrient imbalances, gut health, and stress physiology, our integrative approach optimizes your treatment outcomes for improved focus, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

Let's partner to find the right, personalized solution for your ADHD symptoms.  Schedule a consultation today.

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