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Thank you for your interest!  If you are looking to work with me, please read the following information and complete the form below.  Established patients can book follow up appointments through the schedule under the Current Patients Menu Option or through Charm EHR.  


Step 1:
Consultation Call

I will contact you shortly by email after you submit the form below to schedule a complimentary 20 minute call with me to help answer any additional questions you have about what treatment path is the best for you, or any additional questions about my practice approach.  If we've confirmed a good fit, an intake appointment can be scheduled at that time.
Step 2:
Complete intake questionnaire and forms sent to your email

The intake questionnaire and forms will be sent to you electronically.  Please complete these at least 48 hours before the intake appointment to ensure I have enough time to best prepare for your visit and thoroughly review your history and medical records. 

Fee List

Treatment Paths:


Initial Integrative Psychiatry Intake (expect that the visit may take up to 3 hours):  $1195.00


  • Comprehensive pre-intake questionnaire including past psychiatric history, medical history, lifestyle, and goals for treatment.

  • Review of past medical records if relevant.

  • Review of current medications/supplements.

  • Individualized treatment recommendations which may include:

    • Nutritional psychiatry

    • Psychotherapy

    • Ketamine assisted psychotherapy

    • Medication

    • Customized optimization of supplements/herbal options based on your labs, genetics, and symptoms

    • Sleep optimization

    • Personalized basic and functional labs. Basic labs are through your local clinic and are typically covered by insurance. Functional advanced lab testing may be considered (additional cost).

  • A handout with specific recommendations

  • Ongoing communication with Dr. Burger via Charm EHR

Follow up Visit for Medication Management, Integrative Approaches, and/or Psychotherapy (50 min.):  $425.00

Follow up Visit for Medication Management (25 min.): $275.00

Integrative Psychiatry Programs

You might be interested in specific healing modalities such as accelerated resolution therapy and ketamine assisted psychotherapy that are not available at many mental health clinics.  An intake (either standard or integrative psychiatry track) is needed before consideration of these options.  

Accelerated Resolution Therapy Program:

  • Intake (75 minutes, in person or video): $625.00

  • Accelerated resolution therapy session (90 minutes, in person or video): $525.00 per session

Number of sessions will vary but patients typically complete 1-6 ART sessions.  

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Program:  

  • Ketamine medicine session IM or lozenge (2.5 to 3 hours, in person): $1195 per session​​


Pricing is customized. Number of sessions will vary but patients typically complete between 2-6 ketamine medicine sessions with at least one therapy post-session integration in between. Many people find benefit after 2-3 sessions.   

Ketamine Personal Retreat Program: Read more about this offering here.


Basic Lab Testing: Cost of lab test is billed to insurance (copay may apply), No Lab Review Fee.

Genomic Testing: Cost of lab test — billed to insurance (copay may apply), Lab Review Fee - $99

Functional Lab Testing including assessing nutritional deficiencies, antioxidant status, essential fatty acids, GI function, thyroid function, and/or adrenal function: Cost of lab test billed to you by lab directly, Lab Review Fee - $99 (Integrative Treatment Path only)


Please note that my practice is fee for service and we do not accept commercial insurance, Medicare, nor Medicaid.  We accept all credit cards and HSA cards, which are charged on the day of your appointment. I can provide a super bill to you that you can submit to your insurance company. There is no guarantee that insurance will reimburse you for the visits.  

Of note: 

If you are seeking a more integrative approach rather than solely medications, I will often recommend follow ups being 50 minutes in length rather than 25 minutes due to the level of complexity/time needed for education and discussion.

Frequency of Visits:

After the first appointment, patients usually follow up within 2-4 weeks for the initial phases of treatment and every 4-6 weeks as treatment progresses.  If psychotherapy is part of treatment, patients usually follow up every 1-2 weeks.  

Request an Appointment

Please read the following closely and agree before submitting your form for a consultation request

I am aware that I need to be located in or willing to travel to WI, MN, or IA for licensing reasons
I have reviewed the fees and billing practices at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry and agree to pay the fees listed. I am also aware that Dr. Burger does not accept insurance (commercial, Medicaid, or Medicare)
I am interested in the following healing modalities:

Thank you and I look forward to being in touch soon!

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