Listening to your story and helping you navigate through life's challenges in a trusted relationship, using your values and symptoms as a guide for the best therapy approach.

Accelerated resolution therapy (ART)

An often effective and solution focused treatment for PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression).  ART is frequently the first option since it is such an effective modality.  More about ART here. ​​​​

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP)

An innovative and legal psychedelic option that is a profound catalyst for shifts in mental wellbeing and changing unhelpful thinking patterns.  More about KAP here.

Lab Assessment

Assessing for underlying nutritional deficiencies or medical causes of your symptoms with advanced specialty lab testing.


Thoughtful and up-to-date knowledge and optimization of supplement and herbal options for mental health.  

Psychedelic experience integration

We help you process past psychedelic experiences into your daily life in ways that provide you with a greater sense of meaning, clarity, and self-awareness.

Nutritional Psychiatry

Optimizing brain health through high yield nutritional and gut-brain focused approaches.  We teach you approachable ways to increase brain nutrient dense foods for mood, energy, anxiety, focus, and thinking.

We offer the following services:


Expertise in medication management for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, insomnia, and ADHD if appropriate and preferred.  We have specialized expertise in women's mental health and athlete populations.