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Relax & Recharge:
Ketamine Assisted Therapy Personal Retreats

Our personal retreats were developed in response to determining the most effective approach for patients seeking ketamine-assisted therapy. Through our clinical experience and valuable patient feedback, we've learned that allowing time for restoration and relaxation following a ketamine session greatly enhances the therapeutic benefits.

By providing a serene and rejuvenating environment just upstairs, we eliminate the need for patients to rush or worry about logistical concerns, such as meal planning. This seamless transition fosters a more comprehensive healing experience.

Each retreat includes:

75 minute initial session, 50 minute preparation session, a 3 hour ketamine journey, and 50 minute integration session with Dr. Burger.  If you sign up for a 5 day retreat, you will have two 3 hour ketamine journeys and two integration sessions.

Integrative Psychiatry tools and recommendations based on your symptoms, history, and preferences, including supplement optimization, lifestyle recommendations, mind-body practices, or psychiatric medication optimization.

Concierge service for local recommendations including hikes, wellness services, attractions, and restaurants.

Who May Benefit from Ketamine Retreats

  • Seeking an alternative to international psychedelic retreats: You're considering attending a psychedelic retreat abroad but would prefer a more accessible and regulated option closer to home.

  • Overcoming treatment-resistant depression or anxiety: You have tried conventional treatments without significant improvement and are now exploring alternative therapies.

  • Coping with PTSD or trauma: You have experienced trauma and are seeking a supportive and immersive healing experience to help you process and move forward.

  • Alleviating chronic pain: You suffer from persistent pain that has not responded well to traditional pain management approaches.

  • Enhancing personal growth and self-discovery: You're interested in exploring your inner self and expanding your emotional and mental resilience in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Strengthening relationships: A ketamine retreat can offer valuable insights and personal growth, which may lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and improved communication, ultimately fostering stronger connections with close friends and partners.

  • Dealing with major life transitions: You are facing significant changes in your life, such as career shifts, divorce, or the loss of a loved one, and are seeking a supportive environment to process and adapt.

  • Reducing stress and burnout: You are a professional experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, or burnout and are looking for a restorative retreat to regain balance and well-being.

How We Are Different from 
Ketamine Clinics

We believe in providing personalized and exceptional care to our patients. To ensure this, we deliberately practice on a small-scale, allowing us to dedicate ample time to get to know you as an individual and work with you collaboratively.

We pride ourselves on offering appointments that are adequately spaced out, ensuring that you never feel rushed. Throughout your experience with us, you will work alongside Dr. Burger, who will be with you every step of the way.

As a low-volume clinic, we never compromise on quality and typically offer ketamine sessions no more than three times a week. Our retreat packages are designed to enhance your experience and include additional tools and high-quality additions.

Small-scale, personalized care

Our approach incorporates skilled mental health support, ensuring that you receive comprehensive care throughout your entire ketamine experience.

We view ketamine as a tool that can help open doors to further psychological work, and as such, we provide additional integration tools to ensure that your experience is both meaningful and transformative.

With Dr. Burger providing both medical and therapy aspects, we can customize dosing and tailor the style of ketamine work to your specific needs. This personalized approach allows us to fine-tune your experience and maximize the benefits of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

On-Site Physician

As the founder and medical director of Driftless Integrative Psychiatry, Dr. Erica Burger is the sole practitioner who will be present throughout your ketamine experience.

While medical emergencies related to ketamine use are rare, we prioritize safety by ensuring a physician is on-site at all times. We strongly advise against the use of ketamine outside of a medical office setting, as patient safety is our top priority.

Whole Person
Integrative Psychiatry

While we recognize ketamine as a valuable tool for our patients, we do not consider ourselves a ketamine clinic. Instead, we approach healing from a holistic perspective, incorporating various modalities to provide comprehensive care.

At our practice, we specialize in integrative psychiatry, offering a range of treatments that include psychotherapy, somatic therapy (ART), light osteopathic manipulation, medications, supplements, botanicals, mind-body skills, nutritional psychiatry, and lifestyle support.

You will be evaluated from a holistic perspective, and we will provide non-medication recommendations to help you utilize complementary strategies to ketamine. Our aim is to empower you with a range of tools to support your healing journey beyond your ketamine experience.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Retreat Packages
Image by Khara Woods
3 day Journey
Image by Karl-Heinz Müller


$1899, 3 days

Includes intake session (75 min), prep session (50 min), integration session (50 min), one ketamine medicine session (3 hours, IM), ketamine preparation + integration resources

Image by Patrick Hendry


$2299, 3 days

Includes intake session (75 min), prep session (50 min), integration session (50 min), one ketamine medicine session (3 hours, IM), ketamine preparation + integration resources, curated wellness support package, accommodations (2 nights) at the historic Lansing, a 2 bedroom condo with full kitchen, deck + Mississippi River views

Image by Irina Iriser


$3399, 5 days

Includes intake session (75 min), prep session (50 min), 2 integration sessions (50 min), 2 ketamine medicine sessions (3 hours, IM), ketamine preparation + integration resources, curated wellness support package, 4 nights overnight at the historic Lansing, a historic 2 bedroom condo with full kitchen, deck, and Mississippi River views

Image by Jeffrey Hamilton
5 day Journey
Image by Annie Spratt


$2899, 5 days

Includes intake session (75 min), prep session (50 min), 2 integration sessions (50 min), 2 ketamine medicine session (3 hours, IM), ketamine preparation + integration resources



The Driftless Region is home to stunning views of the Mississippi River and distinct geological features that make this area so unique.  The area is known for its high density of organic and small-scale farms, farm-to-table restaurants in Viroqua (35 min away), and numerous hiking and boating options. 


Life moves slower here.  


Lansing, Iowa is in the Heart of the Driftless and has miles of hiking, accessible from downtown.  There are also ample opportunities in Lansing for kayaking/canoeing, fly fishing, and mountain biking.  In town, your basic needs are met with a small grocery store, variety store, coffee shop, restaurants, and shops.  


Trip Planning

Once you book your retreat, you will work closely with our team to help coordinate your ketamine personal retreat in the Driftless Region.

Nearby airports:​

  • La Crosse Regional Airport 48 min (our recommendation)

  • Dane County (Madison, WI) Regional Airport 2 hours 20 min

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul 2 hours 51 min

  • Rochester MN International Airport 1 hour 38 min

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