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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Packages



Our most flexible way to work with ketamine at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry.  Our approach is very individualized, humanized, and centered around your needs and preferences.


We incorporate a combination of therapy modalities before/during/after your ketamine sessions, depending on your preferences and what comes up during your journey.  This may include parts work, reframing negative thoughts, mindfulness, Self-inquiry, inner critic work, self-compassion focused therapy.

Step 1:

Medical screening to rule out any contraindications.  Option to speak with Dr. Burger and ask any questions on a complimentary introduction call. 

Step 2: 75 minute intake and preparation

This is essential, as it helps us get to know your story, and best prepare you for your ketamine medicine sessions.  Set and setting matters and will be the focus of the preparation, along with checking in with the different parts of you to make sure their questions and concerns are addressed.  We may recommend additional preparation sessions if we think it would significantly optimize your ketamine medicine sessions.  This can be in person or by zoom. We send preparation handouts to help you reflect on your upcoming experience.

*You can also choose the comprehensive 2.5 hour integrative psychiatry intake instead, and then have an additional 50 minute ketamine preparation session that would be separate from the intake.

Step 3: Medicine session  

During this experience, you will be here in person at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry, in a safe, calming, and comfortable environment.  At the beginning of the medicine session, you will get to experience vibrational sound therapy as a way to balance your nervous system and bring it into a resting state. 


We utilize intramuscular, or IM, form and the entire journey is usually 30 minutes up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.  People describe their experiences as gentle, intense, powerful, spiritual, and/or bizarre - or all of the above.  Dr. Burger will be present with you throughout your journey, with the intention of creating a safe container.  The focus is for you to go within and honor your own inner wisdom and intuition - rather than Dr. Burger guiding you throughout.   We provide healthy snacks, art supplies for creative expression, and an add-on option to stay on site above the clinic in our comfortable 2 bedroom condo.  You will need to either stay within walking distance of the clinic or have a trusted driver to bring you home. 

Step 4: Integration sessions 

Closely after each medicine session, you will meet with Dr. Burger for integration from your ketamine journey.  This is the most important step!  In this session, you will be able to process and share anything from your experience.  Dr. Burger will help you explore how you might integrate your journey and any insights or lessons learned into your everyday life.  Resources will be provided, including journal prompts as well as recommended reading, podcasts, self care activities that can optimize the neuroplastic benefits of ketamine.  

Package Options

2 ketamine dosing sessions

Includes: medical screening, 2 ketamine sessions (3 hours each), 2 integration sessions (50 minutes each) $400/50min.


4 ketamine dosing sessions

Includes: medical screening, 4 ketamine sessions (3 hours each), 4 integration sessions (50 minutes each).  $375/50 min. 


6 ketamine dosing sessions

Includes: medical screening, 6 ketamine sessions (3 hours each), 6 integration sessions (50 minutes).  $350/50 min. 


Reset and Restore 

Looking for extra add-ons that make your healing journey into a retreat (modern accommodations on-site, dedicated time to restore and rest). Learn about our personal ketamine retreat package options here.

Overnight accommodations on-site (with full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and Mississippi River views for $250/1st night and $150/night for each additional night.

A separate 75 min intake ($599) that will include preparation for your ketamine session is required prior to all ketamine sessions. Additional 50 minute preparation sessions ($425) may be thoughtfully recommended by Dr. Burger.  

Single Ketamine sessions (3 hour ketamine session + 50 min integration session afterwards) are $1699.00.  A 50 minute prep session and intake as above is required prior to a ketamine session. 

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