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We help you start your dream integrative psychiatry private practice that aligns with your priorities and values

Not sure where to start?  Overwhelmed by all of the potential integrative approaches to mental health? Totally okay.  Together we will develop a blueprint that works for you.  

Feeling like you're ready to make a change in your current work situation? I remember feeling burned out and exhausted as a psychiatrist working in a big healthcare system.  I remember wondering if there was a way that I actually could feel fulfilled, have more autonomy, and feel like I was helping others in ways that aligned with my practice philosophy.


   There is.  Having a successful private practice is possible


I can help you open an integrative psychiatry practice that allows you to practice in alignment so you can effectively help people and feel empowered yourself.  When you aren't burned out in your work, you have more time and energy for learning, volunteering, hobbies, and being with your family - and you provide better care.

My goal is to help you get clear on what your dream practice looks like, provide you with the steps towards building your practice, and support you along the way.  Having expertise in integrative psychiatry and an intuitive understanding of the business aspects, I provide mentorship and assist with the logistical headaches and marketing so that you attract the patients you work best with.  

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