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Red Clover Ranch
Fall Retreat 

Do you want more freedom and authenticity in how you practice psychiatry? Do you want to help patients heal and empower them towards wholeness?

If so, consider joining us for a transformative long weekend that we have created for you to get started on this path.

This retreat provides a structure for deep inner work, offers a space for professional growth and transitions, as well as the sharing of non-ordinary states of consciousness, and the fostering of a like-minded community.

At Red Clover Ranch

Driftless Region of Wisconsin

September 7-10th 2023


Red Clover Ranch

Soliders Grove, WI

Thursday Sept 7 - Sunday Sept 10

Group size: 6!  We keep this small and aim to foster an intimate setting.  

What's included:


All meals (nourishing and chef-prepared)

Cedar sauna

Use of grounds

2 group intramuscular ketamine sessions supported by a licensed psychiatrist and psychologist*

Integration sessions during the retreat and a 90 min zoom post-retreat integration

Two 3 hour psychedelic integration breathwork sessions led by Dr. Ciara Christensen 

*This retreat is led by Erica Burger, DO and Ciara Christensen, PhD

Available Packages

$2959.00 for single room

*Price includes 5.5% Crawford County Occupancy Tax

$200.00 non-refundable deposit required at sign-up. 

All available rooms will be in the cabin area (heat, ac, electricity, wifi).  All of the guest cabins feature easy access to the bathhouse (toilets, shower, sinks, sauna).



We have spent months planning out and preparing our time together and we can't wait to share it with you!  And what you'll have at Red Clover Ranch in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin is a magical experience.   There is an energy that exists there that is hard to put into words. 


There are some similarities to other retreats - we offer nourishing food, a peaceful wild environment, and the opportunity to connect and ground with others - but also the gift of connecting to your deepest Self with the use of ketamine and psychedelic breathwork.  It is akin to years of therapy that you can experience in one long weekend.  


And we get it - psychedelic breathwork may sound intense - and it can be!  This type of breathwork involves breathing deeply to provocative curated music for up to 3 hours. People can feel a reawakening, a rebirth, and experience profound healing with this type of breathwork. 

Ketamine is a psychedelic medicine that can be an incredible teacher.  It is considered more gentle than other psychedelics like Ayahuasca - and is the only legal psychedelic in the United States.  You maybe even have had some patients experience ketamine in a clinical setting. Like the psychedelic breathwork, it is a doorway into the realm of non-ordinary states of consciousness.  If you've been feeling stuck, burned out, anxious, or depressed, ketamine can help you activate your own inner healing intelligence and serve as a catalyst to make helpful changes in your life.  


You will meet other incredible people who are also working in the healthcare space and you'll have the opportunity to truly be witness to each other and to be heard. We don't have many opportunities in our everyday life for this.  Especially if we are working busy days in clinics or hospitals.  

This retreat offers a safe and effective way to explore the therapeutic potential of ketamine-assisted therapy and psychedelic breathwork.  And with careful and thoughtful guidance, we provide a structured and professional environment that allows for a deep and meaningful exploration of the inner self.


By combining the power of ketamine with therapeutic techniques such as psychedelic breathwork, we offer a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to deepen their understanding of the therapeutic benefits of this emerging field.

Ciara & Erica


Meet your Facilitators


Ciara Christensen is a psychologist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with specialized training in clinical hypnosis and working with non-ordinary states of consciousness.  She provides personalized psychotherapy in her private practice.  Ciara has completed a year-long training in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy from IPI. 

Erica Burger is an integrative psychiatrist in rural Iowa with specialized expertise in both modern and traditional approaches to improving mental health.  She offers integrative psychiatry and ketamine assisted therapy in her private practice and completed training in ketamine assisted therapy through the Ketamine Training Center.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from this reatreat?

This retreat is for you if you are looking to develop a deeper relationship with your self, heal from old or new wounds, and do so in a safe, supportive environment with others who work in healthcare and "get" it.  Through experience, you'll also learn more about psychedelic therapy (ketamine) and non-ordinary states of consciousness that can help you navigate through work and life, and be better equipped to help your patients and share these healing modalities with them.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is America's only legal psychedelic medicine.  It is known as a dissociative anesthetic and was clinically approved for use in 1970 as a medicine that helps people dissociate from a painful situation, like a broken bone.  The enantiomer of ketamine, Esketamine, has FDA approval for depression.  Since the early 2000s, an increasing amount of research and clinical experience has shown ketamine to have antidepressant effects.  It also is helpful for getting out of the rut of unhelpful thought patterns and ruminative thinking, as well as serving as a catalyst for spiritual exploration and relating to self in gentler and softer ways.  It has a proven safety record.  

Why intramuscular form?  What does that mean? What can I expect?

Ketamine is a complex medicine and affects people differently at lower doses vs higher doses, and also with different methods of administration.  The intramuscular form is administered as a shot in your deltoid muscle - in your upper arm.  We utilize this form because it tends to be more potent and transformative than oral forms of ketamine.  The experience you have will also depend on the dose - at lower doses, people find ketamine to be more relational - they can heal attachment trauma and learn how to reparent themselves in helpful ways.  They also are usually able to navigate their thoughts.  There is a softening of the protector or defensive parts.  At higher doses, ketamine has a psychedelic effect.  This means that people can experience a deep sense of oneness with the world and profound spiritual experiences.  

What if I'm taking psychiatric medications?  Do I need to worry about interactions?

Unlike other psychedelics, ketamine is compatible with most psychiatric medications and don't cause life-threatening interactions.  If you are taking specific psychiatric medications such as lamotrigine, stimulants, or benzodiazapines, we will discuss a plan to potentially briefly hold these medications prior to your ketamine session since they can dampen the effects of ketamine. 

I'm not very comfortable being vulnerable.  Is this a good fit for me?

Know that you are in good company.  We often are encouraged, throughout our training to not show vulnerability.  You will get to choose what you feel comfortable sharing and you can also choose to be a witness for other participants.  This is also an opportunity, if you'd like to take it, to take a step towards growth which often lies on the edges of our comfort zones.  

During your stay at Red Clover Ranch, you can look forward to enjoying...

Hear what others have to say about Red Clover Ranch:

"Our experience at Red Clover Ranch exceeded all expectations. The combination of superb food, comfortable accommodations, and stunning natural surroundings made for a truly memorable stay. We wholeheartedly give Red Clover Ranch 15 out of 10 stars".
- Nick W.
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