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A Multidimensional Approach to Psychiatry and Emotional Wellbeing

Singing bowls related to integrative psychiatry
Quantum psychiatry

"You can't use an old map to explore a new world" - Albert Einstein

In traditional psychiatry, the treatment focus is on medications and talk therapy. These can both be helpful tools but don't fully encompass or address healing of our different layers of being. These concepts derive from quantum physics and expand into the realms of healing and medicine, as described in the book "The Quantum Psychiatrist", by Dr. Dona Biswas. A multi-dimensional approach is essential in order to target each of these layers and reach optimal mental wellbeing and peak wellness. At your highest level of being, all layers are integrated.

Our holistic and curated protocols address and integrate each of these layers, which is what makes our approach so effective. We are not one-dimensional and your healing cannot be either.

Let's dive into what each of those energy layers are and how they coincide with the integrative approaches that help our patients at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry.

The Biological Body

The biological body is the layer that much of Western medicine and psychiatry focuses on. The biological body includes physiology (how the body and its parts function) as well as the neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, hormones that influence our emotions and thoughts.

The most popular explanation about why people have mental illness and how medications work follow the theory of neurotransmitter deficiency, which is unfortunately too reductionistic - our brains are much more complex. Additionally, this theory doesn't take into account the other layers of being that can affect emotional wellbeing. Mental health healing modalities that target the biological body include medication, supplements, and exercise. Functional medicine also falls under the biological approaches and includes individualized metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, and dietary interventions.

Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, including ketamine assisted psychotherapy, is a unique healing approach since it positively impacts multiple layers of being, including the biological body. Psychedelic therapy increases neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to modify, change, and adapt both structure and function throughout life.