Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
for Health Care Professionals

Moral injury and burnout are widespread in medicine.  We help doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health care professionals explore other levels of consciousness through ketamine psychotherapy.  Resolve your existential problems, accelerate your psychological and spiritual growth, and undergo a deep personal transformation. 

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy is effective for depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  Currently the only legal psychedelic medicine available, ketamine assisted psychotherapy is also safe and well-tolerated.  

We offer individual ketamine therapy sessions at this time with plans of expanding to small group ketamine therapy sessions with fellow health care providers.


Get started on your healing journey today.  


"I had a profound experience doing ketamine assisted psychotherapy with Dr. Burger.  I felt safe, supported, and educated throughout the process.  KAP lifted a mental fog that had been clouding my life for years.  In the weeks following KAP, I had less rigid thinking, more clarity on my goals, and more engagement in my life both professionally and personally.  As a physician I found it immensely helpful to help process work and pandemic related trauma.  I emerged feeling physically and mentally lighter.  Dr. Burger truly practices healing-oriented medicine".

Family Medicine Physician

Image by Chris Lee