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Dr. Erica Burger, DO MPH

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Heart-centered and Holistic Care

Licensed in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Helping people with anxiety, depression, and trauma change unhelpful patterns, heal past wounds, and live happier lives, using effective and cutting edge healing approaches.

On the outside, patients here often feel that it looks like they are succeeding. 


It feels like a big lie. 


Despite being smart, driven, and caring, life is not easy. 


They might have achieved big accomplishments such as becoming a mother, working as a health care professional, or having success in athletics. 


There is often a feeling that "I shouldn't feel like this" or "I should be grateful".   

It gets exhausting trying to balance all the parts of your life. 


It's also exhausting to ignore your emotional needs until they become too overwhelming - and you're faced with no choice but to tend to them.   


You deserve to feel better and at peace in your mind as well as in your body. 


If you want to work towards improving how you feel, we would love to help you get there.

Integrative Psychiatry Clinic in Lansing, Iowa
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Personalized Psychiatry

A multi-dimensional, whole-body healing approach. 

We honor and listen for what is most important to you.  We cultivate solutions to get you the results you are looking for.  

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Burnout

  • Insomnia

  • PTSD
  • Post-partum depression and anxiety

  • Chronic stress

  • Anxiety and mood issues during pregnancy

  • Bipolar spectrum

  • ADHD

  • Generalized anxiety

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Long Covid

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Perimenopause Mood and Anxiety

  • Performance Optimization

Meet Driftless Integrative Psychiatry:
Spirituality + Care + Science


Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hi, my name is Dr. Erica Burger and I'm an integrative psychiatrist.  Even before medical school, I knew that I wanted to help people through a holistic lens and through integrative medicine.


I have specialized expertise in holistic psychiatry, offering both traditional and ancient approaches to improving mental health.  I love helping people reclaim their peace and feel more balanced so they can live the life they want to be living. 

Erica Burger DO, MPH

Certified in ketamine assisted therapy through Phil Wolfson, MD at The Ketamine Training Center

Residency in Psychiatry at Hennepin Healthcare and Health Partners 

Certified in integrative psychiatry through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute

Additional training in nutritional psychiatry and herbalism

Certified in sports psychiatry through the International Society for Sports Psychiatry

Compassionate Care Award voted on by peers in 2018, 2019

Completed MGH Women's Mental Health Coursework and extensive experience working with women during post-partum and pregnancy at Hennepin Healthcare's Mother Baby Program

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Healing Modalities


Expertise in medication management for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, insomnia, and ADHD if appropriate and preferred.  We have specialized expertise in women's mental health during pregnancy and post-partum.


Listening to your story and helping you navigate through life's challenges in a trusted relationship, using your values and symptoms as a guide for the best therapy approach.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

An often effective and solution focused treatment for PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression).  ART is frequently the first option since it is such an effective modality.  More about ART here. ​​​​

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Ketamine when combined with therapy and lifestyle changes, serves as a catalyst for meaningful change in  quality of life.  Ketamine is a psychedelic legally available in clinical settings.  More about KAP here.

Advanced Lab Assessment and Recommendations

Assessing for underlying nutritional deficiencies, metabolic issues, or medical causes of your symptoms with advanced speciality lab testing and guiding treatment based on results.

Optimization of Supplements and Botanical Support

Thoughtful and up-to-date knowledge and optimization of supplement and herbal options for mental health.  

Psychedelic Experience Integration

We help you process past psychedelic experiences into your daily life in ways that provide you with a greater sense of meaning, clarity, and self-awareness.  While we do not provide, condone, or support the use of illegal substances, our integration services offer a safe space to prepare for and process non-ordinary states.

Nutritional Psychiatry

Optimizing brain health through high yield nutritional and gut-brain focused approaches.  We teach you approachable ways to increase brain nutrient dense foods for mood, energy, anxiety, focus, and thinking.

Medication De-Prescribing

Individualized de-prescribing of psychiatric medications - when possible - that involves dietary changes, targeted supplementation, and addressing underlying contributing factors.  

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How we approach psychiatry differently

Traditional Healing Model

  • Treating surface symptoms

  • There is no time

  • Doctor is the expert

  • Passive recipient of treatment that leads to disempowerment

  • Doesn't adequately help and address chronic health issues

  • No choice in provider

  • Siloed care with lack of coordination and collaboration between providers

Driftless Integrative Psychiatry Healing Model

  • Addresses root causes

  • There is time

  • Knowledge is shared and your doctor is a guide.  You are the authority and in the driver's seat

  • Healing that catalyzes transformation and encourages listening to your inner wisdom

  • Personalized and individualized care

  • Coordination with other providers (alternative and conventional) is prioritized


We are not owned by a large corporation or company.  Your care is truly personalized. We believe in providing very high quality care over seeing lots of people all in one day.  You are a fellow human being - not a number.  



Integrative means a "both/and" philosophy that is more fluid and flexible.  Yes, medications   might be helpful for you but we might consider and utilize other treatment options.  We care about root causes and truly effective solutions, aligned with your goals and values.  


Psychedelic Medicine

We're proud to be the first clinic in Iowa to offer psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy with ketamine- a legal, effective, and profound catalyst for inner transformation. We are passionate about safely and thoughtfully expanding psychedelic assisted psychotherapy to those living in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota as the research continues to evolve.


Geographically Flexible, Rurally Located

Individuals across the states of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (in tiny towns and big cities) are patients here at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry by video or in person.  We are located in the heart of the Driftless Area, next to the Mississippi River.  Our clinic is within a 3 hour drive of the Twin Cities, Madison, Iowa City, Waterloo, Rochester, Cedar Falls and within a 4 hour drive of Milwaukee and Des Moines. 

Blog Articles

Confident Smile

Fiona, Patient at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry

I felt listened to for the first time as a patient.  Thank you.

Matt, Patient at Driftless Integrative Psychiatry 

I actually am feeling better and am so thankful I'm feeling better.  Thank you for everything you have done for me!

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Dr. Vanessa Baca DO, Psychiatrist

Dr. Burger is one of the most approachable physicians I have had the pleasure to work with.  She truly listens and works with you to find a solution.

* All patient names have been changed.  Patient photos shown are stock photos

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