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Functional Medicine Psychiatry:
Whole Person Healing

Integrative and Functional Medicine Psychiatry
Metabolic Psychiatry 
Ketamine Assisted Therapy

In-person and Virtual Options

Dr. Erica Burger, DO MPH
Integrative Psychiatrist


Helping individuals wanting treatment beyond psychiatric medications.
Our approach involves investigating causes of mental health symptoms and helping you feel better through innovative, compassionate, and heart-centered care. 

We are dedicated to helping you regain trust in your self and your ability to heal. 

We address and treat root causes while meeting you where you are at in terms of treatment options.   


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We help people with the following symptoms and conditions: 

Treatment resistant depression
Mast cell activation syndrome
Infectious causes of mental health symptoms
Mood swings
Chronic fatigue

Bipolar spectrum
Post-partum depression, OCD, and psychosis

Side effects from current psychiatric medications
Chronic stress
ADHD/executive dysfunction
Brain fog
Traumatic brain injury/TBI
Gut-brain health 
Mold illness 


Meet Physician and Integrative Psychiatrist, Dr. Erica Burger

A little background:

Four years of medical school at Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Four year residency in Psychiatry at Hennepin Healthcare and Health Partners in Minneapolis, MN

Certified in integrative psychiatry through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute, as well as completion of training in Precision Psychiatry and The Institute for Functional Medicine

Certified in Ketamine Assisted Therapy through Phil Wolfson, MD at The Ketamine Training Center

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Advanced training through the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), ketogenic diet for mental health through psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede, and mentorship with integrative physician Dr. Laurie Radovsky, MD.

I'm your grounded, astrology-loving, research-reading psychiatrist, passionate about helping you feel better and being your trusted mental health advisor and advocate.  

What Patients Say

"After 20 years of continually managing my depression and anxiety with several psychiatrists and therapists, I am floored by the results of ketamine assisted therapy with Dr. Burger. Dr. Burger is approachable, knowledgeable and caring. My initial skepticism quickly gave way when my wife, close friends and I all noticed positive shifts in how I live. Dr. Burger gained my trust by helping me productively navigate and resolve challenging and uncomfortable experiences that arose during ketamine therapy. Ketamine therapy with Dr. Burger is a powerful treatment that improved my life".


Member of:

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