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Why entrepreneurs need to prioritize mental health using a functional medicine approach

Optimizing mental health and brain function is a competitive advantage for entrepreneurs. You cannot show up fully if you aren’t prioritizing your mental health. Many entrepreneurs are highly motivated but might not realize that they have underlying inflammation, metabolic health issues, gut dysfunction, and nutrient deficiencies that contribute to how they think, feel, and act. Mental health is one of the first things that gets neglected by entrepreneurs. Know that improving your mental health through a functional medicine approach helps you take on more, have more energy, and reach your highest potential.

The downstream benefits of this approach to mental health include weight loss, improved longevity, and greater joy.

In integrative psychiatry, the main pillars that impact the body include assessing and focusing on gut health, inflammation, mitochondrial function, neuroplasticity, metabolic health, and stress hormone function. Approaching these pillars often uses a synergistic approach since they are truly interconnected.

Lab work helps us get an understanding of your genetics, micronutrient levels, gut function, adrenal function, as well as thyroid function. Basic lab work, such as Vitamin D, thyroid function, B vitamins, and overall metabolic function can often be ordered through a typical clinic or hospital lab. Functional medicine labs that pertain to mental health include salivary cortisol levels, organic acid testing, omega 3:6 ratio, intestinal microbiome, as well as possibly looking for underlying inflammation in the gut. We create a personalized protocol to help you experience less mood swings, decreased anxiety, more energy, better sleep, and more emotional resilience so you can create, build, and grow professionally and personally.

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