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Expert Integrative Psychiatry during Pregnancy, Postpartum, Menopause, and Menstrual Cycles

Pre-Conception:   Preconception integrative psychiatric consultations to discuss risks/benefits of psychiatric medications and supplements and ways to optimize mental health during pregnancy and after giving birth through a functional medicine approach.  We also help individuals taper of psychiatric medications in a personalized, flexible approach.

Pregnancy/Postpartum:  Psychiatric care for OCD, depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and anxiety during pregnancy with an anti-inflammatory evidence based approach (supplements, lifestyle, and/or medications) including planning for postpartum.  We encourage partners to join these appointments. 

PMDD/Cycle-related mental health symptoms: 

Most women of reproductive age experience premenstrual symptoms such as bloating, breast tenderness and mild psychological discomfort during at least some of their cycles. Up to about 6% experience more severe symptoms that cause significant distress or that interfere with other activities. 


Individuals who experience Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) have mood lability, irritability/anger/interpersonal conflict, depression, or anxiety/tension, typically most intense in the week leading up their period (luteal phase). 


We focus on helping regulate the HPA axis, regulating blood glucose, and targeted supplements and/or medications to help stabilize hormones and decrease neuroinflammation.

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