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One-time Consultation

Reproductive psychiatry

This consultation service is designed specifically for those who are currently under the care of a psychiatrist or a regular healthcare provider, and are seeking specialized advice and treatment guidance for periods including pre-pregnancy planning, during pregnancy, and postpartum. In this process, I will work closely with your existing treatment provider to ensure cohesive care and will offer detailed written recommendations for treatment.

120 minutes, $999

Integrative psychiatry

This one-time consultation is tailored for individuals interested in exploring integrative psychiatry options. It's an ideal opportunity for those who are currently receiving mental health care but are curious about incorporating integrative approaches into their treatment. During this session, I will provide insights and recommendations on how integrative psychiatry can complement your existing treatment plan. Recommendations will be provided in written form and communicated with your psychiatric or primary care provider to ensure cohesive and comprehensive care.

120 minutes, $999

Sports psychiatry 

This one-time sports psychiatry consultation is ideal for athletes and individuals engaged in sports, focusing on mental health aspects unique to athletic performance. Certified by the International Society for Sports Psychiatry (ISSP), I offer specialized guidance for sports-related mental health challenges. Post-consultation, you will receive written recommendations, which will be shared with your current psychiatric or primary care provider for a cohesive care approach.

120 minutes, $999

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