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Integrative Psychiatry Membership

Join our basic membership service to learn more about integrative and holistic approaches to support your mental health.  

This is a great option if you are curious about integrative psychiatry in an accessible format.  

Access to exclusive content and office hours will begin June 1, 2024. Take advantage of our introductory membership rate, at $29/month.  


We care about ease.  Membership can be cancelled anytime, with benefits continuing until the end of the billing cycle. No refunds or prorated credits will be issued for remaining days in the cycle.

Join below!  We will send you an email with next steps within 2 business days.  


Weekly Open Office Hours

Join Dr. Burger on a weekly basis to ask questions in a welcoming group setting you have about integrative and holistic mental health.  


Mental Health Gym Access

Take advantage of our micro mental health gym at our clinic in Lansing, Iowa that features non-pill ways to improve your mental health.  We offer photobiomodulation and advanced light/sound therapy that has evidence supporting its use for improving cognition, mood, anxiety, and sleep.  Book appointments for use of any or all of the following:  Auragen, Huso sound vibration, and red-light therapy mat/headband.  


Online Educational Content

Dive deeper into mental health topics of interest to you in our self directed program.  We will cover specific mental health conditions, nutrition, psychedelic therapy, supplements, innovative treatments, and more.  


Be the First to Know

Be the first to find out about special events that book quickly such as group ketamine assisted therapy programs.  Watch for other special live events (in-person or video) just for members.  

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