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Integrative Psychiatry Care

Start your highly personalized healing journey with integrative psychiatry - combining the best of traditional psychiatry, ancient tools, and cutting-edge healing modalities, utilizing a functional medicine approach. 

Dr. Burger typically works with individuals ages 18+ but accepts individuals ages 15-18 on a case-by-case basis.  


The intake is billed at $1899.00 and typically lasts 2.5 hours in length.  This can be in person or over zoom. 

This rate includes:

- Extensive review of previous medical records including past labs

- A detailed Treatment Recommendation Plan sent to you afterward

- Access to pharmaceutical grade supplements at 40% discount 

- A full discussion of treatment options as well as risks/benefits

Follow Ups


Medication Management, Integrative Approaches, and/or Psychotherapy (50 min.):  $425.00

Follow up Visit for Medication Management (25 min.): $275.00

The hourly rate includes:

- Patient messaging between visits 

- Review of all labs between sessions

- Prescription and supplement refills

- Coordination with care team

- Access to pharmaceutical grade supplements at 40% off MSRP

- Use of photobiomodulation devices (headband and red light therapy mat) at our Lansing Clinic

- Optional superbill for possible reimbursement from your insurance company (if you have OON benefits)

Other Notes:

Payment is due at time of visit.  Since we are a small practice, in order to keep our overhead low, we only accept credit card payment which is due in full at time of service

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