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Integrative Psychiatry Care

Start your healing journey with integrative psychiatry - combining the best of traditional psychiatry, ancient tools, and cutting-edge healing modalities.  

  • Comprehensive pre-intake questionnaire including past psychiatric history, medical history, lifestyle, and goals for treatment.

  • Review of past medical records if relevant.

  • Review of current medications/supplements.

  • Sharing your story, possibly including family tree work and drawings

  • Individualized treatment recommendations which may include:

    • Nutritional psychiatry - optimizing your diet to reduce mental health symptoms and taking your metabolic health into the context of your emotional wellbeing

    • Psychotherapy (values oriented, cognitive behavioral therapy, boundaries, parts work, self-compassion)

    • Ketamine assisted psychotherapy

    • Medications with careful selection and discussion of risks/benefits

    • Medication De-prescribing Taper Plan

    • Wearable technology integration

    • Sustainable lifestyle recommendations based on your symptoms and bandwidth - movement, mind-body practices, stress management, connection, light therapy

    • Action-based skills- emotional regulation, vagal nerve toning exercises, perceptual exercises (meditation, breathwork, non-sleep deep rest), cognitive reframing, practicing boundaries, interpersonal mastery

    • Customized selection of evidence-based, pharmaceutical-grade supplements/herbal options based on your labs, genetics, and symptoms

    • Evidence-Based sleep optimization - lifestyle, CBT for insomnia (CBT-I), supplements, medications, blood glucose stabilization

    • Personalized basic and functional labs to assess for underlying contributors such as thyroid and other hormone issues, metabolic dysfunction, nutrient/mineral deficiencies, oxidative stress, mitochondrial function, methylation, toxicity, co-occurring infections, inflammation. 

      • Basic labs are through your local clinic and are typically covered by insurance.

      • Thoughtful functional advanced lab testing may be considered such as pharmacogenetic testing (Genomind) especially if you have a history of medication ineffectiveness/side effects and you are looking for medication options

      • Other functional lab testing may include: Salivary cortisol testing (with DHEA), organic acid testing, mycotoxin testing, NutrEval, comprehensive genetic marker testing (3x4 Genetics).

  • Integrating mental health treatment/nervous system rebalancing/reducing inflammation for other health issues you may have (thyroid issues, hormonal shifts, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chemical sensitivities, mold, GI conditions, autoimmune conditions, mast cell activation, Candida, Lyme)

  • A handout with specific recommendations and resources

  • Collaboration with your wellness/healthcare team

  • Ongoing communication with Dr. Burger via Charm EHR


The intake is billed by the clinical hour rate of $425/hour, typically 2-3 hours in length.  This can be in person or over zoom. Intakes include:

Follow Ups


Medication Management, Integrative Approaches, and/or Psychotherapy (50 min.):  $425.00

Follow up Visit for Medication Management (25 min.): $275.00

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