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How It Works

Step One

Schedule a complimentary 15 Minute Meet and Greet call using the scheduler below.  The scheduling platform asks for your card information to keep on file but I do not charge for the 15 minute call.

Step Two

After we've confirmed a good fit, book a 90 minute intake appointment with Dr.  Burger through the scheduling platform below. 

Step Three

Complete and upload all forms into Charm (the electronic health record) and read the tech guide for video visits.  The intake form is automatically sent to you electronically when you schedule an intake.  Please send all forms at least 48 hours before the visit.    

Free Phone Consultation


We offer a complimentary 15 minute "Get to Know You" visit so you can ask questions about our services and practice model to determine if we are a good fit.  Easy self-scheduling below.

Initial Intake 


New patients start with a 90 minute evaluation in order to better understand you, including your background, mental health history, values and goals, and treatment options.  Patients are provided with a detailed customized treatment plan.  Sliding scale spots available!

 Follow Up


Focus sessions that include in-depth psychotherapy, providing education on your symptoms, discussing diagnostic testing results, lifestyle coaching, and your response to treatment.   The recommended follow up frequency depends on your needs and what works best for you. 

Online Scheduling